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White Healer Antiseptic Cream, Ranvet, 100g

White Healer Antiseptic Cream, Ranvet, 100g
Product CodeMEDHHR1430

Features Powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal activity. Strong astringent and germicidal action. Safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin damage and infections. No added pharmaceutical drugs. Smooth, easy to apply zinc cream base. All natural ingredients. Benefits Protects a wide variety of wounds and abrasions. Controls infection of skin wounds. Controls fungal skin infections. Protects skin wounds whilst simultaneously encouraging healing. For use on a wide variety of skin ailments including minor skin wounds, rope burns, greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever and skin irritations associated with girth galls and cracked heels. Able to be used in conjunction with Ranvet Dermaguard Wash to control fungal infections in horses and camels. Non-toxic. Active Constituents per KG Zinc Oxide 50g Melaleuca Oil 20g

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