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Recovery-Aid, Ranvet 80ml

Recovery-Aid, Ranvet 80ml
Product CodeMEDHHR1315

Features Branched chain amino acids High levels of B-Group vitamins and Folic acid play an important role in recovery Contains Vitamin E and Anthocyanin, which are powerful antioxidants Contains buffering agents Glucose based energy source Benefits Accelerates muscle recovery and increases the storage of muscle glycogen (sprint energy) Maintains the blood pH at an optimal level, which is a key factor to performing well Aids appetite and supports a positive blood profile Protects muscle membranes and reduced post exercise muscle soreness Increases the body’s ability to combat exercise and aids muscle recovery Replenishes the muscle glycogen stores pre and post exercise Key Ingredients per 80mL Leucine 7296mg Iso-leucine 4484mg Valine 4484mg Sodium 4167mg Chloride 5880mg Magnesium 1034mg Potassium 2468mg Vitamin B1 200.5mg Vitamin B2 200.5mg Vitamin B6 11.8mg Folic Acid 42.1mg Vitamin E 201.5mg

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