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Winning Tongue Plate 4.5" Ring Bit, Normal Plate

Winning Tongue Plate 4.5
Product CodeBITWTP05ANP


 (NEW NORMAL PLATE MODEL RELEASED) This bit has been added to the approved list of bits for Racing, Trials & Track Work by the Australian Racing Board (ARB).

 The WTP Bit Benefits

1.     Stops the bit pinching the tongue
2.     Stops the tongue over the bit
3.     Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching
4.     Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth    
5.     Stops the horse headshaking, pulling, bolting
6.     Stops the horse hanging, rearing, bucking
7.     Stops displacement of the soft palate
8.     Stops mouth opening and respiratory noise
9.     Better oxygen supply therefore better speed
10. Proven to prevent lung bleeding (EIPH)
11. Proven to improve performance
12. Riders comments “like having power steering”
13. The horse is happy and easier to control

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