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Ice Therapy

Wrap on Ice with Gel Pack - Regular

Wrap on Ice with Gel Pack - Regular
Product CodeICEWOIR


WRAP-ON ICE is a versatile all in one ice and heat wrap which can be used on the horse or human.

Simply apply to the body to help aid in the recovery of sports injuries and strains, corky injuries, bruising, tight muscles, acute inflammation and general aches and pains.


Key Features:

  • Multi purpose - Cold and Hot Therapy Hands free
  • Compression strap holds the gel pack in place
  • Flexible gel pack - Contours to the body
  • Non toxic Re-usable Manages pain naturally
  • 270mm x 130mm. 500g.



Ice therapy 

  • When applying ice the general rule is 10min on 10min off for at least an hour.
  • Should be applied to the injured area immediately to help prevent swelling and reduce inflammation. 
  • Will also help to relieve pain.
  • RICE, rest, ice, compression and elevate.



Heat therapy

  • Can be applied to tight or sore muscles, ligaments and tendons to improve flexibility.
  • Helps open up blood vessels which increase blood flow to reduce pain in joints.
  • Decreases muscle spasm and increases range of motion

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