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Hidez Compression Therapy

HIDEZ, Travel & Recovery MK11 & Active Suit, Original

HIDEZ, Travel & Recovery MK11 & Active Suit, Original
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The basic theory behind the Hidez Equine Travel & Recovery Compression Suit or Active Compression Suit can be described as applying a controlled external pressure to the major muscle groups.The Suit is designed to facilitate the return of fluid to the bloodstream, minimise inflammation and encourage good blood flow to the muscles.

Dr Andrew Marty B.V.Sc (Hon)

Veterinary Consultant & Advisor


Ensuring the Following Benefits:

  • Enhance greater blood flow
  • Promotes oxygen availability to the muscles
  • Speeds up the removal of waste products from the blood stream
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Helps maintain muscle temperature
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Decreases risk of muscular injury during times of muscle fatigue
  • Helps maintain a great looking coat
  • Helps reduce insect bites

The moisture management fabric keeps the horse cool, dry and comfortable at all times.


Colours: Black, Royal Blue, Fuchsia, Grey, Lavender, Magenta, Purple, Red, Turquoise


Cusomised $1350.00


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